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Legend pence from afar when AnferneeHardaway admission and to freeze all eyes for an instant, then with the United States well-known street brands Staple after the person in charge of JeffStaple photo, even before the walk to the station picked up the shoes and shoe fans communicate to. Waiting on the sidelines to enter the lines gone inside, MC and DJ for us to reconcile within the atmosphere, nike air max direct    the atmosphere can be described as hot, warm. There, you can see the dream of limited edition sneakers, joint PE signature custom paragraphs, tons of precious shoes make people drool. A SneakerHeand in her arms holding its own spoils of harvest, in front of the camera are also displayed to share. Even more interesting is that there will also be team stationed in the shoes, just give a small tip, can immediately resume makes you love shoes new look, really have to admire the organizers of human consideration.

After just 87 seconds, Alba will keep a diving header in a knock on his door. Time left for Barcelona, even if no work stoppage, there for 88 minutes. But neymar on the bench, but immediately smiled and said to Macy's the bottom line: warm up. Neymar said, caused a stir after the game. Neymar is probably joking, perhaps together with Lionel Messi expressed frustration over Enrique. But neymar's comments, is likely to trigger conflict within the team. Barca players were there, easily interpreted as distrust of their player. At that time in front of the other, Barcelona had Luis, Pedro and Munir. Outside the stadium, neymar is also in trouble. Since buluna after the break, neymar has been spread by the media a number of gossip girl, the latest one is a 26 year old female lawyer in Barcelona, Elizabeth. If these things are true, then I now have 10 girlfriends. When in an interview with the daily sports newspaper, neymar also seems quite helpless. Early this morning in the first game in his 17th serie a games, with 27 points against Sampdoria, Lazio.

NikeKobe9EM continues to expose a new version, which is named DeepGarnet the new color scheme it is understood that the design was inspired by Bryant's Lower Merion high school, Burgundy engineered mesh nike air max 1 shoes decorate with black midsole with orange-colored outsole, words on the tongue of the 1996 Memorial at Bryant led Lower Merion high school win the State Championship that year history. Incorporates many AirJordan essence JordanSpizike the launch of the new Wolf gray color scheme, Wolf grey decorate shoes, uppers combined with decorative AirJordan3 iconic black cement blast crack. Huge red build outsole and lining, this JordanSpizike elegant yet bright spots. In order to celebrate its anniversary, Patta recently requested by the Amsterdam fashion to classic sports brand Converse collaboration for classic shoes ChuckTaylorAllStar1970s to create ten groups of color. Design using the PattaLogo Plaid canvas printed material produced by, but by ten different color echo the anniversary theme. In addition, the series of shoes equipped with a transparent rubber sole.